A Quick Look Back: Four Years

Four Years Ago, Today

At about this time, four years ago, I was impatiently waiting in the Chicago International Airport for my flight to South Africa. This was my first solo journey outside the good ole’ US of A. Really, it was my first time EVER out of the country, if you don’t count Canada for a day when I was 12. I was 21 years old, fresh out of college. and I was FREAKING OUT. Everyone wanted to know what my plans were after graduation, did I have an internship, a job lined up, and if/when I was going to get my masters degree. So naturally, in avoidance of all these questions, I did a little research and booked a ticket to Africa. Little did I know this trip would change my life forever.

Now, four years later I still cant scratch that itch the travel bug left me with. Traveling through five continents and almost 30 countries, I feel like I have only scratched the surface of what this world has to offer. Since I was feeling nostalgic, I created a video that takes a quick look back at all my adventures over the past four years. It was impossible to include everything, but I did my best.